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Celtic Spirituality and Shamanism for Our Times - An Interview with Dr. Karen Ward from Slí An Chroí

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This is the first time that The Celtic Feminine Podcast conducted a recorded video interview and we are so pleased! The interview was originally recorded on July 24, 2020. Éimí (Amy) had a wonderful interview with Dr. Karen Ward who is a communicator, myth-maker, and bridging activator as an academic with a Masters and PhD in Counselling Psychotherapy and Spirituality. With her husband, John Cantwell, Karen teaches and runs a Clinic and School of Celtic Shamanism and Holistic Living called Slí An Chroí which introduces energy awareness through nature and self soul work. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Supervisor and Teacher trained in the Celtic lineage and Druidic traditions, Karen founded and runs Moon Mnà Women's Celtic Circles offering Rites of Passage Ceremonies and online courses. Her television work includes Energy Therapist on the BBC's "Last Resort" and Holistic Therapy Presenter from RTE's "Health Squad." She is the author of the Annual Moon Mná Diary-Journal which highlights the deep connection of women's monthly cycles with the moon. She is also writer of the innovative book, "Change a Little to Change a Lot" and is a regular contributor to Naturally Good Health magazine and the Brainstorm section of the RTE website. Karen co-rediscovered the Brigid's Way Celtic Pilgrimage and she is guided in all she does by this quintessential feisty Irish Goddess known as Brigid! - Slí An Chroi - Dr. Karen Ward and John Cantwell - Moon Mná - Women's Moon Circles Background music provided with permission by New Time Ensemble

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