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About the Host

After finding herself captivated by the story of Brigid, the Irish saint, with pre-Christian roots, Amy had an insatiable curiosity to find out as much as possible about her, which resulted in a pilgrimage to Kildare, Ireland in 2008.  Ever since, Ireland was calling to her relentlessly until she applied, was accepted, and attended graduate school at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick to study Ethnomusicology.  It was there that she was able to complete her Masters' thesis entitled: "The Feminine Face of God: Spiritual Vocal Music Dedicated to Brigid of Ireland, Goddess and Saint."  


Amy has been teaching music for over a decade in public schools, independent schools, music schools, and in private lessons in both Vermont, and New Jersey.  She is now located, synchronistically, in a town named after St. Brigid in  Quebec.  

Amy has regular public speaking engagements on spirituality, Brigid, Irish history, and many other interdisciplinary subjects.  Sign up for the newsletter for more information.  


Contact Amy for questions, comments, or class bookings:

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