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Songs for St. Brigid and St. Patrick with Elaine Ní Chiardha

Elaine Ní Chiardha

Important Note and Disclaimer: In this episode, we discuss an event that Elaine was planning to carry out, however it had to be canceled due to the current pandemic concerns. Since this interview was recorded in early March, at the time many protocols were not in place and certain risks were not completely known. Please be sure to follow the recommendations of your local government on the protocol for appropriate physical distancing, home stay orders, and other safety measures. Please do not take the outdated commentary on the COVID-19 situation in the podcast as an indication to gather in groups if it is against the regulations of your local government. Please keep an eye on Elaine`s page (link below) for more information on her virtual class and concert offerings! -- On this episode of The Celtic Feminine Podcast, Amy Panetta interviews Elaine Ní Chiardha who is a musician, singer, voiceworker, and shamanic practitioner from Singing the Land. Elaine is inspired by the healing power and immense beauty of the human voice and spirit, sharing and evolving voicework practices for healing, liberation, empowerment, and fun. Elaine discusses her music written in dedication to Brigid, as we as Patrick, and their connection with springtime and the earth. You can find Elaine by going to "Singing the Land" on Facebook and Soundcloud:

Intro and Outro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission.

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