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Dolores Whelan, Author of "Ever Ancient, Ever New" and Organizer of the "Brigid of Faughart" Festival

Dolores Whelan, Author of "Ever Ancient, Ever New"

Note: This podcast interview happened in October of 2017

In this podcast, Amy has a conversation with author, educator, spiritual guide, and festival organizer, Dolores Whelan about her book, "Ever Ancient, Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century," The Brigid of Faughart Festival, and the importance of music in honoring Brigid on her February 1st feast day.

Dolores holds an M.Sc in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in Spirituality from Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality California founded by Matthew Fox, a radical Dominican priest. She studied with a number of figures in the New Cosmology movement, such as Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Matthew Fox, Jean Houston, Joanna Macy and others. Her studies with Creation Centered Spirituality, as well as Native American Spirituality in California eventually led her on a journey of rediscovery of her own spiritual roots back in Ireland.

In 1986 Dolores founded the “Iomlanu Centre for Healing and Creative Living” in one room in her home in Dundalk where she offered courses which focused on either physical, mental emotional or spiritual aspects of the person. The Iomlanu Centre became a beacon of light during the 1980’s and 1990’s attracted many wonderful teachers and seekers until 1997. Iomlanu Education now is dedicated to the new work she is bringing into the world through talks, lectures, workshops regarding "education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness," as the Irish namesake describes. The Provide education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness, as it's Irish namesake. As Dolores Whelan's website explains, "Iomlanu Education believes that at this time of unprecedented change and crisis what is most needed are new ways of perceiving reality, new ways of thinking, new ways to understand ourselves ,our role and our relationships within the earth community."

Please get in touch with Dolores through email at: or click here for more contact information.


Dolores Whelan's Webpage - blog, events, lectures, courses and pilgrimages.

Brigid of Faughart Page - detailed schedule and information to celebrate Brigid in Dundalk and Faughart the week of Brigid's feast day on February 1st each year.

Intro and Outro Music from the album, "A Year In Ireland" by New Time Ensemble, Used with Permission

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